Author and romantic
“I love good food and good love--not always in that order”

Just Released!


Smart and Sensual Collection
Smart is sex. If you ever wanted to see the geeK get the girl, or see the bookworm embroiled in her fantasy romance, this is the collection for you. Full of realistic and relatable characters, Smart and Sensual is a modern, sexy and engaging look into the lives and loves of scientists, teachers, librarians and the occasional paranormal stud.


Love & Money

Bookish but beautiful red head Erin leaves college with a mountain of debts she cannot pay. She joins other co-eds in a daring new career at "the mansion" where she sells her virginity to pay the bills. Has she made a terrible mistake, or will she find real love through the world's oldest profession?

Fan Service

Tony and Sang-min’s onstage kiss drove the audience wild, but would it end there? A sexy short story about what happens backstage in the K-Pop world.

The Book Club

Marybeth and her friends have chosen a sexy, naughty, read for their monthly book club. A little too much boredom mixed with a few too many cocktails leads this group of North Carolina housewives to act out some of the scenes from the book. Will their new adventures upset their suburban lives now that the line between fiction and fact has been forever blurred?

About Jacky Lang

I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic. However, it wasn’t until I began to break away from my “day job” to write that I allowed that drama to spill out into stories. I love to read and will always be a sucker for a happy ending.

I write for pleasure—mine and I hope yours as well. When I’m not writing I’m indulging in other delights with my romantic partner out on the West Coast.